Greensboro, NC (North Carolina), Orthodontist Alison J. McMillian
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Reception Area
Our reception area is a comfortable setting with Cable TV and wireless Internet
service. As patients arrive for their appointment, they check themselves in on our
computer check-in screen. We have coffee available in the mornings and water is
available at all times.

Clinical Area
We are a paperless practice, which means all patient information is contained on our computer system. At each treatment chair there is a computer so each assistant has the capability of scheduling appointments, viewing x-rays, photos, etc. This keeps our office more sterile and more efficient.

Sterilization Area
All instruments are sterilized either by autoclave or cold sterilization. Dr. McMillian has our sterilization system monitored by UNC-CH on a weekly basis to insure the sterilization of all instruments.

X-ray Equipment
Our practice offers digital x-ray technology which decreases radiation exposure to the patient and allows for superior imaging quality and allows easy access for corresponding with general dentists and other doctors.

Around the Office

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